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Exciting Changes Coming to Skills on Point!

As the founder and owner of Skills On Point, I–John Russell–am excited to announce that as of June 1, 2024, we will have completed our move from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and are fully integrated into the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) accreditation system for our CE generating courses.

Why AAFP and what does this mean for me as the learner?

You may know that Skills On Point started with a primarily RN and NP audience, and because of this, ANCC accreditation made the most sense for us. However, as we are experiencing a rapidly expanding PA and MD audience, ANCC accreditation leaves our non-RN/NP learners with only a category 2 CME equivalent.

By making this transition, we are able to more fully serve our MD, MO, PA, NP, and RN audience with category 1 credit, which AAFP calls “Prescribed Credit”. Note: AAFP accreditation includes all NP specialties, that means AAFP and ANCC and RNs.

Here’s who all is eligible to use AAFP Prescribed Credit as category 1 or its respective equivalent:

  • American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)
  • National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board (AANPCB)
  • American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)
  • American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM)
  • American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM)
  • American Board of Preventative Medicine (ABPM)
  • American Board of Urology (ABU)
  • College of Family Physicians of Canada
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Medical Association

We are also in the midst of a considerable update to our Online CE Portal. Some courses are going to be sunsetted for providing continuing education credit as they do not have the popularity needed to support the cost of accrediting the courses; however, they are still excellent resources for practice.

What about my current courses? How do I know these are impacted?

Fear not, if you purchased a course, it is yours. Forever. That’s the deal we made and we’re sticking to it 🙂

That said, if you want to get ANCC credit for it, you need to complete it before June 1, 2024 or you may find it no longer will be valid for credit. That said, MOST, but not all of our courses will continue with AAFP credit moving forward as we focus on what you as the audience continue to ask for in your course material.

You mentioned the Online CE Portal was updating; what does that mean?

Glad you asked! As we are sitting on an absolute goldmine of clinical practice guidelines found in each of the individual classes we offer that are NOT going to be offered for CE credit moving forward, we have built an awesome subscription model to meet your needs best.

This will offer you a monthly price to access hundreds of hours of educational material that is evidence based, up to date, and taught by experts. This will also include opportunities to have exclusive discounts, help you ace your exams, access to our SOP team during livestream events, office hours, and exclusive discussion boards covering all ranges of topics, from a safe place to discuss medical and practical findings with your peers and students, as well as networking for clinical placement and preceptors. You have asked for this for a while, and this is something I’m very excited to offer! And yes, your subscription (in addition to being a way to get stellar discounts on the CE courses) can be cancelled at any time.

Be on the lookout for more info about the subscription model and all the amazing features it includes. In the mean time, remember that any main CE-inclusive courses on our site as well as any courses you currently own are and will continue to be lifetime access. Not one or two viewing and then you lose your content. We don’t play those games here.

You haven’t raised your prices in years; what’s up with that?

It is true, we have worked very hard to be a value-based company and give you more than you have paid for with our courses. As we make these accreditation transitions to AAFP and look at the market, we have to make an adjustment. As of June 1 there will be an adjustment to the prices for our courses, but realize it has been 6 years with ZERO price changes, so it’s well overdue. This also means if you want to get a great deal before the price increases June 1, now is your chance! Feel free to jump over to to get some deals while they’re hot!

What else is new? Any new products or courses?

  • After June 1, we will be releasing a new and updated version of our Family Practice Skills Workshop with a brand new and very fancy derm lesion pad. We are QUITE excited and have ramped up production so we won’t run out anytime soon. If you’ve taken the live version of this course in the last 6-8 months, you probably recall how cool this thing is!
  • Effective immediately, we have included the Alzheimers and Sexual Harassment Courses for FREE into our 2024-2026 Online Opioid Prescription and Substance Abuse Education Conference.
  • We have integrated our Casting and Splinting for Healthcare Providers course into the Family Practice Skills Workshop for FREE and are adding additional video material of the MSK exam portion.
  • We also will be releasing direct to consumer versions of our extremely popular Clinical Education Associates BOARD PREP MODULES used by thousands of students at their universities. This includes FNP, AGPCNP, AGACNP, and PMHNP specialty modules as well as practice questions, and graded exams for you at costs way lower than our competitors.

I bet you didn’t know we offer a full range of board prep tools including pre and final diagnostic exams with scorecards, certification assessment questions, pre-recorded modules covering the complete exam blueprints, and live reviews with zoom options!

As you can see, we’ve been busy and we can’t wait to continue to grow in new and exciting directions as we partner with you to make this our most exciting year ever!

Thank you for being a part of the Skills On Point family!


Don’t forget to take advantage of our low prices before the June 1 price adjustment and finish any course you are currently in by June 1 to receive ANCC credit before we fully transition to AAFP accreditation.





Founder and Owner, Skills On Point, LLC

Founder and CEO, Clinical Education Associates, LLC



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