Hosted at the Brand New Skills On Point Simulation Center at 6775 Fincham Drive, Rockford, IL on Oct 17-18, 2020.

This 16 hour approved continuing education course is the perfect way for any nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or physician looking to learn all the skills necessary to suture in an inpatient setting or outpatient setting.


This is by far the most comprehensive suturing course available short of a first assisting course.Come elevate your skills to the next level!


Course includes 16 approved contact hours of ANCC or AAFP prescribed CME credit (Cat 1) as well as catered lunch and a suturing trainer for home use!


For any questions about the continuing education credits or travel arrangements, contact John Russell at 309-370-7582 or use the contact us link above!

Full listing of content included:
Two and one-handed knot tying techniques and applications.

Suturing instrumentation and tying with instruments.

Observing how your instrumentation can work with you.

Understanding and performing subcuticular skin closure with confidence

Suture types and the needles that accompany them.

Needle driving, suturing, and knot tying selection relevant to tissue layers and proper wound closure.

Guaranteed surgical knot tightening strategies and specialty knot tying techniques.

Common interrupted sutures with and without buried knots

Simple interrupted

Horizontal mattress

Vertical mattress

Figure of eight

Common running sutures with and without buried knots

Simple running suture line

Running horizontal mattress suture line

Running vertical mattress suture line

Running locking suture line

Modified versions of running suture lines

Running subcuticular

Specialty suturing

Drain insertion and securing

Fine suture management

Matching tissues of different thickness

Biopsy closure for punch and elliptical incisions

Incision and drainage techniques

Skin stapling and removal techniques

and MORE!


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Oct 17-18, 2020 - Comprehensive Suture Training Workshop

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