This course is held at the Skills On Point Simulation Center at 6775 Fincham Dr Suite #3 in Rockford, IL as part of the NiteOwl Education series from 6-9pm.


Choose from multiple dates: 8/12/19; 10/14/19; 12/16/19

Take the opportunity to learn how to confidently interpret EKG's from nurse practitioners who do this skill daily!


This 3 Contact Hour course covers all basic interpretation as well as a fair amount of the more complex diagnostic capabilities of the 12 Lead EKG. You need no experience with 12 lead EKG to attend, but competence in interpretation of cardiac rhythms is a recommended prerequisite.Learn in a small class environment with discussion-style interaction with expert instructors and leave with confidence in your abilities.Learners are capable of applying their learning immediately to real patients.

Content covered includes:

  • Positioning of leads
  • Cardiac anatomy
  • Electrical Axis: Normal vs abnormal
  • Left Anterior Fascicular Block
  • Left Posterior Fascicular Block
  • Left Bundle Branch Block
  • Right Bundle Branch Block
  • Myocardial Infarction types
  • Underlying vascular tendencies for overlying EKG findings
  • ST depressions, elevations, and q-wave abnormalities
  • Pattern recognition for acute MI
  • Inferior, Septal, Anterior, and Lateral MI
  • Reciprocal changes commonly seen
  • Dressler Syndrome/Pericarditis
  • Hyper/hypocalcemia
  • Hyper/hypokalemia
  • Brugada Syndrome
  • Long QT syndromes
  • Pre-excitation
  • Pulmonary Embolism/S1Q3T3
  • Other common diagnoses made from EKGs
  • Plenty more fun surprises


For more information or questions about the ANCC-approved continuing education credit offered, feel free to contact John Russell at 309-370-7582 or

Basic 12 Lead EKG Interpretation

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