This private course is held at the Brand New Skills On Point Simulation Center at 6775 Fincham Drive, Rockford, IL. Please contact to confirm a mutually agreed upon time and date for your training prior to enrolling.

Have you ever wanted to place a chest tube or perform thoracentesis? Perhaps it's something you might do in your job but haven't had any experience and want to try before doing it on a real patient. Or, perhaps you will never do this in your role, but you have always wanted to try from the driver's seat. This course is for you both. This course will give the learner (target audience are nurses, nurse practitioners, PAs, paramedics) a 1:1 experience with chest tube insertion and thoracentesis including:

Field preparation
Rib space selection and landmarks
Local anesthesia
Blunt and Trocar tube insertion
Pleurevac basics
Ultrasound guided thoracentesis
Post-procedure management and documentation

That's, right. It doesn't matter what your role allows, here you get to do it all. Includes 3 hours of approved nursing continuing education credit.For more information about the course, please contact John Russell at 309-370-7582 or use the contact us link above.

Chest Tube Insertion Lab

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