This course is held at the Skills On Point Simulation Center at 6775 Fincham Dr Suite #3 in Rockford, IL as part of the NiteOwl Education Series from 6-9pm.

Choose from multiple dates: 9/16/19, 11/11/19, 1/13/20.


This course includes 2 approved Contact Hours including 2 Pharm CE and is designed to aid the healthcare provider or bedside nurse with the foundational concepts used in decision making regarding evaluation and critical decision making based on common labs and ABG's including:





PTT/Anti Xa



Metabolic Acidosis

Metabolic Alkalosis

Respiratory Acidosis

Respiratory Alkalosis

Metabolic and Respiratory Compensation (partial and full)

Base Deficit

Anion gap and non-anion gap acidosis

Clotting cascade 

Blood transfusions


ABG's and Lab Interpretation

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