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airplane - travel nursing, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
Things to Think About When Considering a Travel RN/NP Assignment

As a “new grad” telemetry (and later CVICU) nurse in the mid-2000s, the words “travel nursing” evoked visions of Hawaiian beaches, Alaskan wilderness, balconies overlooking Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and the lights and night life of New York City and Chicago. Thirteen weeks of getting paid to work three 12’s a week in a […]

broken arm - how to apply splints, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
Learn How to Apply Splints Like an Orthopedic Provider

As a student nurse practitioner, I had only ever applied and removed one fiberglass cast during a day of clinicals in orthopedics. The physician assistant I was shadowing allowed me to put a short arm cast on him, then had me cut it off with a cast saw with the oversight of the cast technician. […]

Improve Your Quality of Life - NP Skills, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
6 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life as a Provider

I have heard many more nurse practitioners talking about quality of life in recent months and years compared to when I started working as an NP a decade ago. Maybe that’s because there just are more NPs now, or maybe it’s another reason, like our collective experience being turned upside down by a pandemic! Either […]

Five Ways to Prepare Yourself For Your New Professional Adventure, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
Five Ways to Prepare Yourself For Your New Professional Adventure

So, you want to open your own NP-led clinic? And you’re not sure how to start? Here are the top five ways to prepare yourself for your new professional adventure. 1. Check your state’s laws Check out your state’s nurse practice act and laws regarding nurse practitioner practice. In the state of Illinois, we have […]

nursing students - prepare to teach skills to NP students, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
How do you prepare to teach skills to NP students?

I recently had the honor and opportunity to teach 25 or so nurse practitioner students in their final semester of graduate school in a 4-hour lecture and hands-on skills workshop. This was both a trip down memory lane (was I really in their seats just a short 10 years ago?) and also a call to […]

ekg - how to consult cardiology, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
How to Consult Cardiology

If you work in general adult or family, internal, or hospital medicine, you are likely quite familiar with the management of cardiac patients. With problems like hypertension and dyslipidemia rampant in patients in the United States, and readily available guidelines through the American College of Cardiology and JNC 8, management of these conditions is likely […]

tired nurse - work life balance, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
Life Goals and Work Goals

“Physicians don’t punch a clock, and so neither will you,” she said. Stunned into silence, I sat there, frustrated. It was then added that I had “signed up for this” (life of being treated like a physician with long hours and no work/life balance and taking work home.) This was meant to silence me into […]

medical family practice, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
NP Roles: Spotlight on Family Practice

Family practice was something I never saw coming. My husband was doing NP clinicals in a FP office that had a position open, and he called to tell me about the opportunity. “You should apply.” I literally laughed at him. After a quick moment, I replied, “Wait, you’re serious?” Let me rewind a bit… While […]