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Travel To You

travel to you concierge cme courses, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification
nurse practitioner programs - continuing education courses for nurses, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification

Concierge Program Overview

Whether on-site university training, corporate training, or unique healthcare system privileging solutions, our dedicated team of over 30 expert instructors can reach out and support you anywhere in the United States, providing accredited content in a vast array, scalable to meet the need of your audience and desired depth of content covered. We can work with nearly any budget and provide solutions you might never have thought possible.

Dozens of nurse practitioner programs, medical schools, and physician assistant programs have benefitted from the considerable resources of Skills On Point, and just like them, you can reach new areas of content you previously would have thought out of reach due to capital constraints, instructor availability, or for no other reason than we are invested in the expertise of teaching this content well and want to make your life easier!

Contacting Process

Ready to Move Forward?

Contact us and then we can dream big together!

  • 01 Getting To Know You

    It’s pretty simple! Let’s start with a conversation where we discuss your programming goals, budget, timing, and audience size. All potential customers will have a dedicated conversation with Dr. John Russell, the owner of Skills On Point where we listen to your unique needs.

  • 02 Preparing a Winning Strategy

    With this information paired with our experience with this content, we can suggest a reasonable game plan to accommodate your course in whatever timeline you can support. Most courses require several months of lead time to manage schedules and instructor availability. Since each of our instructors work in their field of expertise, we ask that no less than three months’ notice prior to the desired event for scheduling.

  • 03 Propose a Bottom-Line Victory

    We will always offer you the best price up front in our proposal. We want you to experience the best training available and because we know you will walk away blown away with the value, our goal is to plan for repeat business. For this reason, nearly all of our Concierge Course clients are repeat customers. You save us marketing money, so we save you the expense as well.

  • 04 Let's Make Things Official

    If the deal works for us both, we proceed to contracting. Our legal team will send over a contract to review and sign electronically and then we proceed to invoicing. There is no wrong way to manage the course expense. Some clients choose to have us create a registration link to share for interested participants to enroll in individually. Others will contract for a bulk corporate enrollment. Either way, we can work with you to make it fit your organizational needs.

  • 05 That's it! We're Set!

    All that’s left is to sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy the experience. We handle everything and you get to revel in the fact that your organization just hit it out of the park.

Concierge Courses

Ready to
Move Forward?

For more information about our Concierge Education program, contact Dr. John Russell directly at or at (309) 370-7582 to get your no obligation quote.