Comprehensive Suture Training Workshop


Learn to suture like a pro! This course is our most popular suturing course and is by far the most extensive suturing course available in the United States short of a formal first assist training. Taught by Dr. Tony Romeo, this course takes the gold nuggets from First Assistant training and brings these to you at a reasonable price point anyone can afford.

This course is a very commonly used stepping stone to help healthcare professionals successfully transition into the RNFA program with NIFA (the National Institute of First Assisting, Inc which is the most commonly underwent RNFA program in the US) for their hands-on skills workshops, as the curriculum taught is consistent with the training used in their workshop for that precise purpose. As well, this course provides a developed and thorough approach to suturing that will explain WHY and HOW to decide on different types, duration, and location of sutures, which most courses barely address.

Bottom line: you will leave with a new appreciation of suturing regardless of your experience, and absolutely none is required to attend this amazing course!

Also consider the Online-Only option of this course if you are unable to come to the course live! The online version includes access to 1:1 virtual office hours with our expert instructors via ZOOM as well as 140+ videos to follow along with to learn at your own pace.



    Course Content

    Course Content

    If taken together with the FNP skills workshop, the two-day family practice skills workshop and two-day comprehensive suture training workshop and provide three days of hands-on training including the following content:

    Day 1: (Family Practice Skills Workshop content)
    • Musculoskeletal Exams
    • Joint Aspiration and Injections
    • Local Anesthesia
    • Paronychia Release
    • Nail Trephination
    • Ring Removal and Cutting
    • Cryotherapy
    • Shave and Punch Biopsy
    • Cerumen Impaction Removal
    • Fluorescein Stain and Woods Lamps
    • Abscess I/D and Packing
    Day 2:
    • Suture and Needle Selection
    • Instrument Use
    • Wound Closure Techniques
    • Simple Interrupted
    • Horizontal Mattress
    • Vertical Mattress
    • Corner Stitch
    • Figure of 8 Stitch
    • Simple Running
    • Running Locking
    • Keith Subcuticular Stitch
    • SteriStrips
    • Skin Glue
    • Staplers and Removal
    Day 3:
    • Two Handed Hand Tying with Left
    • Two Handed Hand Tying with Right
    • One Handed Hand Tying with Left
    • One Handed Hand Tying with Right
    • Pushing to Deeper Wounds
    • Sliding Knots
    • Trauma Stitches
    • Closing Wounds Under Tension
    • Port Closure
    • Buried Knots
    • Barbed Suture
    • Full Buried Subcuticular Stitch
    • Fine Suture Management
    • Surgical and Assisting Considerations
    • Draping and Prepping
    • Anesthesia Considerations
    • Sterile Technique

    Participants may add the elective night courses of casting and splinting for the Friday if they so choose for $99. See the public course enrollment guide course in the public course section to get more details and enroll for that specific course bundle.


    CE Hours

    Includes 16 ANCC-Approved contact hours for two day and 24 ANCC-Approved contact hours for three day version.  Participants may only take credit for the portion of the content they attend.

    Skills on Point, LLC is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. 

    Target Audience

    Target Audience

    Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Medical Doctors, Emergency Medical Services, any/all students are welcome! No experience is required and will engage learners of all skills levels including those with additional skills useful in all environments.



    This course is held at the following locations:

    • NIU Rockford at 8500 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108
      • SOP Room Block available at Hilton Garden Inn, Rockford IL – SITE AND BOOKING
      • Enter Corporate Account number “3268798” under “Special Rates” to receive the Skills on Point discount
    • Hampton Inn & Suites Tampa Airport Avion Park Westshore at 5329 Avion Park Drive, Tampa, FL 33607

    Included with Course

    Included with Course

    This course includes two days of catered lunches, all supplies required to successfully complete the course, as well as a complete online companion version of the course with 140+ videos with lectures and demonstrations as well as suturing and procedural supplies to continue refining your technique at home! You do not need to bring anything with you to this course.

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