tired nurse - work life balance
Life Goals and Work Goals

“Physicians don’t punch a clock, and so neither will you,” she said. Stunned into silence, I sat there, frustrated. It was then added that I had “signed up for this” (life of being treated like a physician with long hours and no work/life balance and taking work home.) This was meant to silence me into […]

is my blood pressure too high
Is my blood pressure too high?

196/112…this blood pressure is way too high for anyone, much less a patient with a past medical history that included cardiovascular disease in the form of strokes and heart attacks. What was causing this elevation, since he was taking his medicine as recommended? Hypertension Hypertension affects 1/3 of American adults over age 20: 7% of […]

medical family practice
NP Roles: Spotlight on Family Practice

Family practice was something I never saw coming. My husband was doing NP clinicals in a FP office that had a position open, and he called to tell me about the opportunity. “You should apply.” I literally laughed at him. After a quick moment, I replied, “Wait, you’re serious?” Let me rewind a bit… While […]

lumbar vertebra model - orthopedic surgeon
NP Roles: Spotlight on Orthopedic Surgery

Have you ever seen the YouTube video, “orthopedia vs anesthesia”? It was posted in 2011 (the year I graduated with my FNP) and has 1.6 million views. It’s a 3 ½ minute-long hilarious (and possibly offensive?) interaction between an orthopedic surgeon and the head of anesthesia, wherein the surgeon insists on fixing a fracture. The […]

How to Get the Job as a New Grad NP

Let’s discuss full practice authority for nurse practitioners. What it takes to undergo the process, and why you should apply once eligible. Graduating NP school soon? Get your final papers turned in, your clinical hours submitted, and your skills validated for privileging. Wait,,,how do I do that? What does that even mean? Today, I want […]

Full Practice Authority for Illinois Nurse Practitioners

Illinois Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners is relatively new. In fact, it’s about as fresh as popcorn too hot to eat from the microwave. Written into law in the end of 2017, instituted in 2018, with rules that have been written and the process in play since mid 2019, this is the new trend […]

basic suture training workshop
Suturing Techniques by Specialty Part 1: Family Practice

How can I prepare for my nurse practitioner job with family practice? This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it: What do I not know that I need to know? Although we could easily discuss the many privileges routinely and customarily performed in different nurse practitioner roles, today I would like to focus on suturing, as […]

Destination Medical Conferences
Destination Medical Conferences

Destination Medical Conferences What is a destination medical conference? This is not a new concept. Quite honestly, I have been wondering why in the brief but amazing history of Skills On Point, LLC why we haven’t done more of these, but now we are on it. Destination medical conferences are perhaps a coined term related […]

skills on point team
Welcome to 2001, I officially have a blog.

Yes, I know, this is so overdue. Welcome to the Skills On Point, LLC blog. Where the women are empowered, the men are all unafraid to cry, and the satire game is slightly above average. No but really. I am excited to get started with a fantastic post throwing some love at a cause I […]

Who taught you THAT!?

We all have skills. Some are more interpersonal, some physical. Some will happily read a room and make sales pitches and win and others will get the door slammed in their face. Some people like me will crash their bike just getting it out of the rack, and others can go for Tour de France-level […]