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Welcome to 2001, I officially have a blog.

Yes, I know, this is so overdue. Welcome to the Skills On Point, LLC blog. Where the women are empowered, the men are all unafraid to cry, and the satire game is slightly above average. No but really. I am excited to get started with a fantastic post throwing some love at a cause I have long been excited about, medical missions. For many years, I have been interested in the IDEA of doing a medical missions trip myself but have never actually pulled the trigger.

Our Team

My wife, Elissa Russell, a consummate wanna-be travelbug (@curlsandcardiology) actually did it several times during her college experience. (I say wanna-be since we are now stuck at home with 3 daughters and she always wants to be more out and about than we probably dare. She is far from a wanna-be. She is the real deal. Going to Honduras with her Anderson University Spanish double major (and nursing) crew was touted for many years as an experience of a lifetime.

My cousin Shelley Clay and her husband have spent many years involved in Haiti working with women to empower their earnings and doing some absolutely awesome stuff. My coworkers have annual trips to do some medical work from Swedish American hospital in Rockford, IL and a nurse who we will introduce momentarily went on his first trip last October to Haiti. He was so blown away by the experience that he decided to make it a repeat visit.

Matt Hunt, RN, BSN (@matthewroberthunt) is a man’s man. Nurse, model, former man-bun wearing renaissance man. He’s a smart, chill, neat guy who went to find adventure and found a hungry, desperate, and appreciative culture in Haiti instead. He and I were talking about his experience recently and with the rapid success and exponential growth that Skills On Point has undertaken in its first whole year in business,

I had been long searching for a way to make sure our company didn’t ever become just about earnings, profit, blah. We want to be known for giving back. Looking forward. Helping those who are forgotten and downtrodden. Leaning into the awkward ducklings to find the golden eggs, or what have you. More times than not our courses surprise me by the people who show up hungry to learn and how lacking some experiences are with medical and procedural knowledge during RN and NP school. Perhaps this was meant to be, I thought to myself. But I have digressed. Back to Matt.

After a brief dude discussion with several dude syllables at most (“Hey, what’s up”, nods back…) Matt broke into all the excitement about going back to Haiti and fire in his eyes started blazing. It’s amazing what happens when we come alive in something, isn’t it? Purpose is contagious. I was immediately hooked and the rest is effectively history.

Sponsoring Medical Mission Trips

Long story short, Skills On Point, LLC will be sponsoring Matt to go to Haiti and we plan on expanding this horizon to other interested participants. We have the benefit of a fairly aggressive marketing budget this year and have raided the swag to get your help to make this happen. If you go to Matt’s page at , you can find some awesome gear and help support the goal of $3000 earned by October 2019. To date, after 3 days, we are already 20% to goal.

What’s my goal? I’d love to have a team of 5 people every year sponsored, but that goal definitely requires your help. Check it out and see what you can do! And if you’re interested in getting involved by going to Haiti, reach out to us and let’s chat about how we can partner with you to make that happen.

Big dreams, lofty goals, always moving, always growing. Nothing comes easy but when you know who you are and what you stand for, the rest is just details. Skills On Point is just getting warmed up.

Welcome to the Skills On Point Blog!

Welcome to the blog and invite your friends. I will try my best to focus on all sorts of fun medical stuff like what we cover in our courses. We have this awesome platform to reach hungry learners with great skills and by golly, we are gonna do it, with your help. Thanks for the support and looking forward to the next chapter! – John Russell, DNP Owner, Skills On Point, LLC

skills on point team - welcome to our blog



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