Chest and Abdominal X-Ray Interpretation

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    If you ever wanted to know what happens when you give a bored radiologist a can of Red Bull, this is what you get. There is so much to learn about with X-rays, but we don’t stop there. We get down to the basics of why choose different medical imaging exams, their unique benefits and drawbacks, and collectively set you up to succeed in determining the best image to start with and based on findings, where to go from there.


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Student Reviews

  1. John Russell

    Nice course! I’ve had exposure to this daily as a RN in critical care, and I learned a ton!

  2. John Russell

    I struggle with this content and this was a great course! I have referred back for multiple parts. I would have preferred it live to online.

  3. John Russell

    Good stuff! 20 sections of content help you focus on what you struggle with. I liked the breakdown and very simplistic approach.

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