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Let’s save all that tasky stuff like learning how to enter order sets, how to call the house officer to expedite a transfer to free up a bed, or how to work the IV pump, for the only time you can learn that information – at the bedside.

Let Kati Kleber (owner of FreshRN) and another certified critical care nurse with a passion for educating and encouraging newbies, teach you everything you can learn at home, so you can look and feel like a prepared and knowledgeable orientee on the floor.

With Breakthrough ICU, here’s what you’ll learn…

The patho and treatment courses for the top ICU patient diagnoses [Disease Processes section]

How to manage your time when your patients are doing just fine – and when they’re not [Time Management module]

How to assertively question inappropriate orders in a respectful manner [Developing Assertiveness module]

How to ground yourself emotionally so you don’t get lost in your patient’s pain and suffering, and still perform the tasks at hand while connecting with your patient [Foundational Principles & Emotional Support modules]

How to give an outstanding ICU nurse-to-nurse report [Nursing Report section]

The main priorities of all ICU patients, and how to monitor and manage them like a pro [Patient Priorities section]

How to talk to patients who are unkind, manipulative, or when the patient is a nurse or physician themselves [How to Talk to Patients module]

How to harness your innate stress response so you can remain calm and focused in the midst of chaos [Foundational Principles module]

Not only the many diagnostics you’ll facilitate for your patient, but the logistics of the diagnostics as well [Diagnostics section]

What to do in a code blue when it’s your patient vs. someone else’s [What to Do in a Code Blue module]

The must-know info to safely use central lines [Central Venous Catheters module]

How to walk with patients through emotional instability and provide authentic empathy [Emotional Support & Decision-Making module]

How to set up an arterial line, ensure its accuracy, and discontinue it [Arterial Lines module]

The basics of cardiac monitoring, differentiating it from 12-lead ECGs, and practical tips [Telemetry & ECGs module]

And so much more…

Enroll now and get access to…

A new set of modules every week for six week

Lifetime access once complete

Over 13 hours of video and audio

Over 25 downloads – including checklists, worksheets, charts, and more

3D videos of the human body – illustrating the top disease processes impacting ICU patients

12.0 continuing education credits!

Insider tips and tricks from two nationally-certified experienced critical care nurses

A framework to deal with perceived failures, mistakes, and missteps

A structure to track progress and keep morale high

Talking points for tough moments – with patients, providers, colleagues, and others

An insider’s look into etiquette, what’s cool and what’s not cool, unwritten rules, and nurse hacks


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