Neuro Wise by FreshRN

Neuro Wise: A Crash Course for New Neuro Nurses is your resource for the care of acute care neuro patients. This CE course is designed for nurses starting careers in the neuro ICU but is a valuable resource for any nurse that wants to level up their neuro nursing skills.

If you’re looking to transition to the neuro specialty, this course is a great way to enthusiastically dive into your new career path. Be sure to add it to your resume so your future employer so you’ll have an edge over other candidates!


  • Neuro Orientation
  • Detecting Neurological Decline
  • Neurological Anatomy
  • Flawless Neuro Assessments
  • Critical Lab Values (Hint: It’s All About the Salt)
  • Common Neuro Disease Processes and Procedures
  • Time Management
  • Neuro Medications
  • Neurological Medical Equipment
  • Brain Death and Organ Donation
  • Neuro Nurse Report Mastery
  • And so much more!


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    This course includes 10.0 ANCC-Approved Nursing Contact Hours

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