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Skills Training - Continuing Education for Nurses, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification

The Benefits of Skills Training at Skills On Point

Why coming to Skills On Point is better than going to a conference breakout for skills training

One common question I am asked is, what’s the best environment to learn about suturing and medical procedural techniques? Here are a few reasons why coming to Skills On Point is the best bang for your buck for skills training.

Skills Training - Skills On Point

1. Your skills training is not a sideshow. It’s the main event.

Many people with experience will tell you they learned at a national, regional, or specialty skills conference hosted by a larger entity or coalition. Commonly, another main event occurred, and your skills training was added to that as a breakout session. It’s very common to spend four hours or so at maximum at a larger conference learning about a procedure in a breakout session.

To really engage in meaningful depth and breadth of knowledge, it takes much more time than three or four hours. This is another reason why Skills On Point, LLC offers an all-encompassing approach to our skill and procedural education. The entire time that you are learning at our workshops, we have a very specific agenda covering content with expert instructors, which supersedes the time commonly spent at national conferences lasting 8-16 hours in a dedicated deep dive to gain mastery.

2. Medical sales reps are not involved in Skills On Point courses.

Unlike national conferences, where you have an entire room dedicated to exhibitors, on-brand presentations, and attempts at spending your hard-earned money, Skills on Point focuses on an evidence-based approach and teach a valuable plethora of ways to do skills, including different manufacturers, suppliers, and in doing so, remain entirely free from biased towards or against any product.

3. Learn what means most to you!

One of the benefits of coming to a Skills On Point workshop is that you get to develop the content most meaningful for you, whereas a breakout session at a national conference requires you to spend a larger sum of money to pay for the entire conference registration and then additionally spend money on the breakout sessions. The bottom line is you will spend more money at such conferences and learn a bunch of things that aren’t pertinent to your clinical practice and goals of learning more skills and procedures, and many times those exhibitors of brand-name products tend to eek their bias as they’re paying for the event through exhibiting and advertising fees.

4. Quality over quantity.

When your CME dollars and cents are on the line, one of the most important things to know is that the quality of the materials you will receive is top-notch. Many times, conferences will use the low bidder approach to develop the content, breakout sessions, and the author’s expertise, but the budget is the bottom line.

At Skills On Point, we simply do not operate that way. We are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, and instructional team. Because we can control the expenses far more effectively and provide a higher quality product, students of our courses do not experience that high-priced tag that is required for our competitors and those who are primarily based out of larger national conferences.

Please don’t misunderstand. National nursing conferences are phenomenal. That said, when it comes down to the bottom line if you need to learn skills, come to Skills On Point, LLC for a dedicated skills workshop. If you want to learn about things offered at national conferences, absolutely do so, but don’t make the mistake of assuming the best place to learn skills is a national conference. You’re likely going only to be learning rudimentary/basic/repeat content at such events, and rather were you to go to a Skills On Point workshop, you can focus on growing from your level of expertise (which may be low or it may be advanced), and our instructional team can take you further regardless of your experience and previous training.

With medical procedural courses from Skills On Point, you can spend your money wisely and make the most bang for your CME buck.



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