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online continuing education courses for nurse practitioners, EKG interpretation, PCCN certification

What online continuing education courses are best for new nurse practitioners?

Nurse practitioner continuing education is required for every licensed nurse practitioner. As a continuing education company, Skills On Point offers a broad assortment of courses covering many areas of education. We frequently get asked by our audience what courses are best for new graduate nurse practitioners and experienced nurse practitioners and the answer is the same: Any of them! Here is a brief dive into some of the most popular courses we offer and why they may help you out regardless of your level of experience.

Always up to date information

One of the worst things that happen in nursing and nurse practitioner education is having outdated content guiding your practice. Our team of dedicated experts and content developers work to make a truly unique course based on the most current care guidelines and make sure you are working with the right info.

I recently listened to a board exam prep course that was touted as up to date and yet, the information was speaking of medications that are 10+ years out of being brand name only and discussed the content as if it was new to market. When you hear or read that as a student, you may not recognize the fallacy of the content, and that is the dangerous part of simply not knowing what you do not know. An experienced provider would identify that error and in my case, made me question how current the rest of the content was as well!

The Online CE Portal is where it’s at

We use a dedicated learning management software for the online continuing education for nurses and nurse practitioners which can be found HERE and unlike many of our competitors, we do not force you to subscribe for a set duration of time for access to our content. With Skills On Point, you are building a practice for the rest of your life with our knowledge and training and we value that as a durable resource for the duration of your career! All of our courses come with lifetime access and with any update that may occur, the content will also be provided in an updated fashion without any disruption or additional cost to you as the consumer!

What’s your most popular online course?

We get asked this a ton. The most popular online procedure course by far is our Online Family Practice Skills Workshop Bundle. This course is a group of four courses in one and includes professional grade instruments and supplies sent to your address, which you use to accomplish the skills in the course and also get to keep along with the 140+ videos of lecture and demo of these valuable skills. The top 10 most popular non-procedural online courses are the following, in no particular order:

There are some new courses on the way that will undoubtedly make this list due to popular request, and you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled for some awesome new courses coming out.

Are live courses still a thing in 2021?

Unlike many continuing nursing education companies who use hotels for their training site and are rather limited in their ability to specialize their experience with large amounts of high-end gear, Skills On Point is very different in that we have a standalone training center with two large spaces to accommodate nearly any size. We expanded during COVID to offer an additional 3500 square ft. conference center to allow for social distancing and were able to keep the doors open for the complete duration of 2020 with extra precautions as recommended by the CDC.

Live courses did change and instead of offering dedicated weekend courses for each training, we did alter the schedule a bit to allow for students who wanted to get the most out of their travel to stack up the courses all on the same weekend every other month. If you want to see how these all work out, take a peek at our Public Course Enrollment Guide and the overlap of the courses is easy to see how you can optimize your travels to get the best bang for your buck while getting the best training you can possibly imagine taught by experts with OR-grade supplies at a price you simply cannot beat.

Live Course - Continuing Education for Nurses



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